Sansevieria trifasciata Plant : Mother in Laws Tongue


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1 x Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother in Laws Tongue) Plant
Approx height 20-30cm
Sent bare-rooted
Leaves may be cut to fit mailing box

AKA Snake plant, Viper’s bowstring hemp.

  • Perfect indoor/house plant for cooler climates. Excellent air filter/purifier, one of the few plants which also removes carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Beautiful ornamental: Long leaves with intricate patterns give a tropical look and feel to your environment. Flowers are also beautiful and give off an amazing exotic fragrance from late afternoon.
  • Very tough plant. Does well outdoors in warm climates, great in pots or in the ground. Can tolerate a lot of shade.
  • Fibre was used to make bowstrings and can be used like hemp for certain applications.
  • All of our plants are grown organically in Queensland, no chemicals at all.


Upon receiving your plant it is best to pot up and stand in a bucket of diluted seaweed solution for an hour or so.

Can be invasive in tropical climates so best in containers with tray to stop them from escaping. No problems as a house plant.


Plants will only be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays (depending on location) to minimize the risk of being stuck in transit over the weekend.

Please be aware of your local restrictions on the import of botanical products.

Just ask if you need help with anything.

Happy gardening 🙂

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