Brazilian Spinach Sissoo Plants


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This listing is for 2 x Brazilian Spinach Plants.


Sent bare rooted.
These may be rooted or unrooted cuttings depending on stock. If unrooted, there will be more than two.



  • Brazilian Spinach, also known as Sissoo, is another amazing perennial edible plant, providing you and your family with a regular supply of greens.
  • Perfect for establishing your own Permaculture garden or Food forest – year round food production.
  • Excellent choice for an edible ground cover.
  • Packed with nutrients – can be eaten raw in salads or lightly stir fried – great taste and texture.
  • We plant as a living mulch at the base of fruit trees and other larger edibles – only grows to about 25cm high but spreads nicely.
  • Great for sub-tropical and tropical climates but will perform well in warmer months in cool/temperate areas.
  • All of our herbs and plant products are grown organically in Queensland Australia. Support local produce!
  • No chemicals. Pure and natural.

Cuttings can be placed in a few cm of water until roots appear, then planted as normal.

Or just stick them into damp soil and they will take off.
These plants like moist soil in a shady (not full shade) spot.


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Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products.

Plants are sent out on Monday/Tuesday only (depending on your location) – to lessen the chance of being stuck in transit on weekends.

Please ask if you need help with anything

Happy gardening 🙂

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