Hydrocotyle Money Plant


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2 x Hydrocotyle umbellata Plants

Rooted cuttings, leaves may be trimmed for postage.
Sent bare-rooted.

AKA Pennywort, Marsh Pennywort, Copper coins, Chinese money plant

  • Ornamental: Great looking plant, perfect for water gardens, ponds, aquariums and boggy areas.
  • Can also be grown indoors in small pots or containers to make an attractive house plant. Very similar to Pilea species.
  • Edible herb: much like Gotu Kola and used in Asian dishes. I use small leaves shredded into a salad. Larger leaves for steaming, stir-frying or adding to curries.
  • Used medicinally for various complaints including fever and rheumatism.
  • All of our plant products are grown organically in Queensland, no chemicals at all.



These plants can be grown directly in water but do best in pots, submerged in water up to or just above the soil line. Can be invasive in constantly moist soil so containers are recommended.



Please be aware of your local restrictions on the import of botanical products.

Plants are sent out on Monday/Tuesday only (depending on your location) – to lessen the chance of being stuck in transit on weekends.

Please ask if you need help with anything

Happy gardening 🙂

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