Rungia klossii : Mushroom Plant


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1 x Mushroom Plant/Cuttings (Rungia klossii)

These may be rooted or unrooted cuttings depending on stock. If unrooted, there will be more than one.

AKA kenkaba, moku, shombay, tani.

  • Contains Vitamins A + C, Iron and Calcium.
  • Can be eaten raw in salads.
  • Has a mild ‘mushroomy’ flavour and goes great in Asian style stir-fries.
  • Great permaculture perennial, can be used as a ground cover – around larger fruit trees etc.
  • Super low maintenance.
  • All of our plants are grown organically in Queensland. Our family eats from the same garden these plants are grown, totally without the use of nasty chemicals.


Grows well in most situations. Moist soil and part shade to full sun is best. Can handle light frosts.

Cuttings can be placed in a few cm of water until roots appear, then planted as normal.


Shipping info:

Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products.

Plants are sent out on Monday/Tuesday only (depending on your location) – to lessen the chance of being stuck in transit on weekends.

Please ask if you need help with anything

Happy gardening 🙂

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