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This listing is for 1/2 Cup of Azolla plants
(Sent in a double ziplock bag with some rain water to keep them fresh)


• Azolla are awesome little native water plants. They float on the surface and help to create a natural micro-climate, protecting and sustaining the insect life and improving water quality.

• Edible: Azolla is becoming known as a ‘superfood’ due to the nutrient content and how amazingly fast it can reproduce. It is one of the fastest food crops. It has been trialled for use in space stations and other survival situations.

• Permaculture: Great source of Nitrogen – we scoop up azolla and scatter it over other plants or mix in to the soil around plants for a Nitrogen fix!

• Also used as fish/frog food and used by some native fish/frogs for laying eggs under the floating mat.

• Ornamental: Very attractive plant, looks really nice floating on a pond with a water feature.

• All of our plant products are grown organically in Queensland – no chemicals at all.




Planting info:


Upon receiving your plants it is best to float the ziplock bag in a bucket of rain water to allow the water inside the bag to get to the same temperature.
After a few hours you can tip the contents into your bucket. From there they can be scooped up and placed in ponds/tubs etc.
If you only have tap water then you will need to do this in advance and leave the bucket uncovered for at least 24 hours to allow some chlorine to evaporate. Some will still remain so rain water is preferred.



Shipping info:


These plants will be sent as a Priority letter which will reach ‘most’ locations before the weekend.

Plants will only be sent out on Mondays (All locations) and Tuesdays (QLD/ Northern NSW only) to minimize the risk of being stuck in transit over the weekend.

Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products.


Let us know if there are any issues and we will do our best to resolve them immediately.

Happy gardening 🙂


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  1. Marty

    Great addition to the pond! They look beautiful floating on the water 🙂

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