Artemisia verlotiorum Mugwort Plant


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1 x Mugwort Plant – Artemisia verlotiorum (Tree Mugwort)

Sent bare-rooted

This is the larger perennial tree mugwort variety, growing around 2m tall in the Sub-tropics.

Easy to grow in large pots or in the ground, tolerates shade but part shade to full sun is best.

The leaves are have a stronger and more pleasant aroma than regular mugwort.


  • Ornamental – very attractive plants with silvery-green leaves and a soft furry texture.
  • Herbal Smoking blends – quit weed and tobacco.
  • Flavour your home brew craft beer – use in place of hops for a unique touch – beat the competition. This was used in ancient Europe before hops.
  • Moxa – Moxibustion – traditional Japanese healing therapy.
  • Smudge sticks, for clearing negative energies.
  • Dream work, dream enhancement and recall – great for lucid dreaming!
  • Pillow/Cushion stuffing.
  • Natural pest control.
  • Ancient medicinal herb famously used by witches and healers
  • All of our plants are grown organically in Queensland, no chemicals.




Upon receipt, pot up and stand in water with diluted seaweed solution for best results. Leave in a shady spot for a few days before moving to your chosen growing site.




Plants will only be sent out on Mondays and Tuesdays (depending on your location) to minimize the risk of being stuck in transit over the weekend

Please be aware of your local restrictions on the import of plant/seed material!


Happy gardening 🙂

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