Kaffir Lime Plant : Citrus hystrix


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1 x Kaffir Lime : Citrus Hystrix Plant
(approx 15cm)


Sent bare-rooted



  • Kaffir Lime leaves are an important and integral part of South East Asian cuisine. You cannot make Thai or Malaysian curries without them. And as always, fresh is best!
  • Grow your own Super fresh, super fragrant leaves.
  • Add one or two to veggies while steaming to bring out an amazing flavour.
  • When making Thai curry add to simmering coconut milk for that authentic taste.
  • Blend with other herbs and spices to make your own fresh curry paste 🙂
  • Grown organically in Queensland, no chemicals at all.
Plant into a fairly large pot or directly in the ground in an open sunny position. Best to dig a hole at least 3 times the size of the root ball then back-fill with compost, and sand for drainage.
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Plants will only be sent out on Mondays (All locations) and Tuesdays (QLD/ Northern NSW only) to minimize the risk of being stuck in transit over the weekend.

Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products.


Ask if you need help with anything.

Happy Gardening 🙂

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