Phaseolus lunatus : Madagascar Bean


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5 x Madagascar Lima Beans : Phaseolus lunatus


Freshly harvested and organically grown in Queensland Australia.

• One or two vines will provide enough for the average family.

• This plant is an excellent crop for those into self-sufficiency, food forests or prepping for food shortages.

• Fast growing vigorous vine – definitely requires a sturdy trellis/fence or suitable support.

• The vines usually produce for around 7 years although the best production is between 2 to 5 years. I like to start another vine once the first reaches 3 or 4 years.

• Young leaves are edible after cooking – not the best taste but good survival food :p

• Beans can be eaten raw when still white.

• Pods can be picked when young and cooked as normal green beans. Or the pods can be left on the vine until they become brown, dry and brittle – the dried beans can be stored in jars for years. Dried beans need soaking and cooking, as with any other dried bean.

• These are particularly dense ‘meaty’ beans, full of protein and other goodies.

• Madagascar beans make very good patties for vegan burgers and are a great alternative to soy for making tempeh (tempeh starter culture available in my store).



Soak beans for several hours or overnight. Then plant direct in part to full sun, at the base of your trellis. Don’t water until they germinate as they can easily rot.
Prune growing tips when they reach the edges of your trellis. This promotes bushier growth and higher yields.



Please be aware of your local import restrictions before ordering.


Happy gardening 🙂


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