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Beautiful flowers attract beneficial pollinators.

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15 x Leonotis nepetifolia Seed

Freshly harvested seed. Organically grown in Queensland Australia


AKA Wild Dagga, Klip Dagga

  • Ornamental: this is an amazingly beautiful and graceful looking plant – the tall flower spikes grow quickly and produce a wonderfully bright orange flower.
  • The nectar laden flowers attract beneficial insects and birds into your Permaculture garden or food forest.
  • Popular for its sedative qualities, apparently due to the high alkaloid content, the major one being leonurine.
  • Leaves commonly used for making a calming tea.
  • Flowers and leaves commonly used as an alternative smoking herb, alone or in a blend.
  • All of our plant products are grown organically in Queensland Australia.



Lightly cover seed with loose soil, water in and wait. Or just sprinkle over an area in the garden to establish a perennial patch! Plants self sow very easily. Lots of seedlings naturally appear in spring.

Please do your own research before taking any herbal products.
There is lots of online data about this one.

Just ask if you need help with anything.



Please be aware of your local restrictions on the import of botanical products.


Happy gardening 🙂

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