Canna edulis Seeds


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10x Canna edulis (indica) Seed

Freshly harvested and organically grown in Queensland Australia

  • This plant is an excellent crop for those into self-sufficiency, food forests or prepping for food shortages.
  • Abundant food producer, and low maintenance. Provides a starchy carbohydrate all year round.
  • Ornamental – As if eating it wasn’t enough, it is also very attractive with a beautiful vivid red flower and lush foliage. Here in Queensland it flowers pretty much all year. Also known as Red Canna Lily.
  • The tuber can be cooked and eaten similar to potatoes, sweet potatoes or Jerusalem artichokes. Hint: Sliced and pan fried with garlic in olive oil – yum!
  • This is what they used for making Arrowroot biscuits back in the day – tonnes of it being grown around Brisbane.
  • Leaves are very good for creating organic mulch and compost.
  • Super tough – this grows in any spot in the garden. It even grows in full shade and heavy clay – just slowly 🙂

Lightly scrape the seed coating on stone/concrete/sandpaper before soaking overnight, this allows for greater moisture absorption and better germination.

Sow into moist soil.

Best planted in full sun to part shade for good tuber production.

Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products!

Happy gardening!

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