Cajanus cajan Seed : Pigeon Pea


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20 x Cajanus Cajan (Pigeon Pea) seed

  • Seeds can be eaten fresh from the pod, or dried and used as lentils/beans.
  • Super vegan non meat food source: 25% Protein, very rich in Iron, Vitamins A and C.
  • Vigorous plant, easy to grow – abundant food production.
  • One of the best perennial permaculture and food forest plants around 🙂 We plant one of these in the middle of each veggie garden – keep it pruned leaving everything on the ground for a living green mulch.
  • Excellent for fixing Nitrogen into the soil – no need for synthetic, toxic fertilizers!
  • Attracts every kind of Bee, including many large Aussie Native ‘bumble bees’ and blue bands.
  • Ornamental: Beautiful plant, often in flower with pods at the same time. Attractive red and yellow ‘pea’ flowers.
  • Can tolerate light frost and extreme hot, humid and dry conditions.
  • All of our herbs and plant products are grown organically in Queensland Australia. Support local produce!



Soak seed overnight then sow when soil temp is above 25C (77F)



Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on importing plants/seeds.


Ask if you need help with anything at all.

Happy gardening!


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