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12 x Tropaeolum Majus/Minus (Garden Nasturtium) Seed

Freshly harvested, grown organically.

Seed will be mixed and may produce any of the different coloured flowers – all are amazing, all taste great in a salad!

  • Permaculture: Use for attracting beneficial insects and keeping harmful insects at bay – great companion plant.
  • Produces abundant food, nutrients all year round.
  • Edible: All parts are edible and taste like water cress or mustard leaf. Use leaves, stems and flowers in salads. Best eaten raw but can be lightly stir-fried. Seed pods can be pickled and used like capers.
  • Medicinal: Highly nutritious, containing Vitamin C and very high levels of Lutein – good for eye sight and for possibly retaining hair/skin pigment. Used for respiratory and urinary problems.
  • Super low maintenance: We just let it ramble, pinch the tips out to eat and stop it going into other areas.
  • Good ground cover to suppress weeds.
  • All of our plant and seeds are grown organically in Queensland Australia, no chemicals.



Best idea is to sow direct into the garden or pots/hanging baskets. Push seed about 2cm into soil. Water in and keep moist until they sprout.

Plant prefer full sun.


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Just ask if you have any problems or questions.

Happy gardening 🙂

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