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Homegrown coffee!

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This listing is for 20 x Coffea arabica Coffee Seed

Super fresh seed grown organically in Queensland Australia.

  • Arabica species is the best variety for producing top quality coffee.
  • Get your own food forest or permaculture garden established now!
  • Ornamental: Wonderful shade plant with lush foliage, beautiful fragrant flowers and attractive berries.
  • Have a go at making your own coffee from ‘bean to cup’!
  • Eat the ripe red berries as a snack – great energy booster.
  • Use the leaves to make ‘kuti coffee tea’ 🙂
  • All of our plants are grown organically in Queensland, no chemicals used.


Sow about 2cm under an organic soil mix. Keep damp but not soggy in a shady, warm place until they sprout.

You will need warm temps over 25C to germinate so a greenhouse or heat pad is a good option if you live in cool/temperate areas.

Seedlings will grow best in part shade/filtered sun.



to most places, at your risk.

Be aware of your local restrictions on the import of botanical products!


Please get in touch if you have any problems.

Happy gardening 🙂


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