Cestrum nocturnum Seed


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7 x Cestrum nocturnum Seed


AKA Night Scented Jessamine, Lady of the Night, Queen of the Night, Raat ki Rani.

Ornamental and Medicinal:

• This is a beautiful and highly ornamental specimen. Lush foliage all year then from late spring all through summer the perfume frenzy begins!
• Flowers open at night and give off an amazingly beautiful scent – powerful, almost intoxicating. Much sweeter than Jasmine and really quite unique.
• Reputed to be the most powerful perfume of any plant! The aroma permeates the entire garden after dusk during the warmer months. We look forward to it each season 🙂
• Can be pruned to create a scented flowering hedge much like Murraya (mock orange) or Jasmine.
• Permaculture use is due to the many Medicinal benefits which are not well known in Western countries but have been known for centuries in many countries. Please do some Internet research to find out more!
• Permaculture use also due to the attraction of Native insects such as moths and other nocturnal pollinators.

Caution: This plant contains toxic alkaloids and should not be eaten. Medicinal use only for experienced users!


Wait for warm weather (23C+) or sow in greenhouse into moist seed raising mix, cover with thin layer of soil. Keep in bright sunny position – needs sun to germinate. Be patient!
Transplant after second set of true leaves appear.
Grows well in large pots. Can be invasive in the right climate.


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