Organic Tempeh Starter – Rhizopus Oligosporus


Make your own Vegan protein

Vitamin B12 + Probiotics

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Fresh Organic Tempeh Starter


(1/2 tsp is enough to make approx 1KG of Tempeh)


Tip: For those who are intolerant to Soy, this starter can be used to make amazing Chickpea Tempeh, or any other legume – experiment and let us know how you go! (See first and last two photos)

Tempeh, the greatest food in the whole world!

Tempeh is an amazing food made from Soy beans, originally from Indonesia but quickly spreading all across the World.

Together with a special starter culture the Soybeans are mixed and left to ferment – eventually producing a wonderful rich, earthy food which is packed full of easily digestible Protein, Antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals like B12 and Iron.


  • Naturally fermented it is full of beneficial Probiotics.
  • Awesome source of real, quality Protein and Iron, Calcium and the ‘elusive’ Vitamin B12.
  • Perfect for Vegans and Vegetarians – tempeh is our favourite source of Protein.
  • and other possibly magical properties.

* If you need help with Fermenting or sourcing other Fermenting Supplies or ingredients – please let us know 🙂


Happy fermenting 🙂

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