Passiflora foetida Seeds : Carnivorous Passionfruit


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12 x Passiflora foetida Seeds

Freshly harvested seed, grown organically in Queensland Australia.
AKA Native Passion fruit, stinking passion flower, carnivorous passion fruit, water lemon…and more.

  • Edible and ornamental: Attractive vine with lush leaves and pretty white flowers followed by tasty fruit, which is sweet and aromatic – a bit like melon (only eat ripe, not sour). The fruit is tiny and does not contain much pulp but is a nice snack while in the garden 🙂
  • Cute and compact, much smaller vine and fruit than most passionfruit species.
  • Medicinal: Some studies show the leaf extract is beneficial in curing many complaints like diarrhea, intestinal problems, throat and ear infections, fever and skin diseases. A tea from the leaves is a great sedative, helps with insomnia. Many more uses, please do your own research.
  • All of our plant products are grown organically in Queensland Australia, no chemicals.


Sow seed just under the surface of a light soil/coir mix. Keep moist in a light spot.

Germination is usually within a couple of weeks but can take longer. They will eventually come up when the conditions are good.


World wide delivery on all seeds and dried herbs.

Please be aware of your local laws/restrictions on the import of botanical products.

Happy gardening 🙂


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